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Transporting rescues

Almost in Austin. Picking up 3 rescues and taking them to Houston.

I’ll post some pics soon.


Puppy Mill Rescue in Tennessee

Please watch the video on the Humane Society’s page about their rescue.…

Video of Abbi

She was actually picked up by the SA Animal Control, who were kind enough to put a hold on her so I could get down there to adopt her. Thank you to the vet there that repaired her leg.

Lobbying up in Austin on Feb 17th

(from Feb 2nd)


On Feb 17, the ASPCA and Human Society are lobbying up in Austin for stricter laws.


Have you heard, if I’m correct, that Austin has totally outlawed the retail sale of pet in the city!!!  YEAH!


Went to BMB Stitching to get myself a shirt made with my site on it to wear to Austin.


I couldn’t pick a color, but was leaning in the green family.  He joking held up a bright lime green shirt, and said, “Well, if you want to stick out, you could get this color.”  We laughed, and then it struck me.  “Yes!  That’s it! I want to stick out.”  I don’t want my shirt to be the same.  I want people to ask about


I want to add BMB Stitching to my site.  Guess I’ll get that done this weekend.

Thanks for the Inspiration!!!

(from Friday Dec 31, 2010)


I want to thank my neighbor who came by a few days before Christmas asking information about rescues. In the next few busy/crazy days, I neglected to write the information down and put it in her door.


So I decided to create a website that would have a growing collection of information regarding rescues and shelters. I also wanted to put things like a list of businesses that contribute to rescues or shelters. It would contain information on low cost vaccinations, spaying, neutering. I will have information on finds I come across that I’d like to share.


Also, this site will contain a blog. These are MY opinions of things from Products, to dog food, to services, etc.


If you find I’ve been unfair about something, or mistaken, feel free to email me, and if you’re argument is valid or you’ve corrected my error, I will gladly post your reply.


Again, if you have information to share about your group, where you go your rescue, your rescue dog’s story, send them to me.